Introduced in the 1980’s the Honda EX650 earned a reputation as the machine of choice for campers and caravanners, even today it is has no equal for silent running and rock solid reliability.
The EX650 is self-protecting with low oil shutdown and circuit breakers on both AC and DC circuits. The integrated control knob, as well as operating the choke, engages the stop switch and turns off the fuel supply with the same movement, ensuring the machine is never left with the fuel tap open. With battery charging, electronic ignition for easy starting and unparalleled silent running, the EX650 is still the finest suitcase generator ever produced.
The EX650 is designed with ease of maintenance in mind with two simple latches that allow the rear cover to be removed in seconds giving easy access to spark plug, air filter, carburettor and engine.

honda ex650 generator
EX650 receptacle side
EX650 on off control
EX650 receptacle side