Honda EX650 & EM650 spare parts

Honda EX650 generator new and used spare parts.

I have a huge range of new and used spare parts including,

* Pistons and rings
* Cylinder heads
* Crankshafts
* Engine casings
* Complete engines
* Carburetors
* Air filters
* Outer casings front and rear
* Base pans
* Rubber feet
* Alternator stators and rotors (when available)
* Capacitors
* Fuel taps
* Fuel tanks
* Plug sockets and control panels

I offer overhaul services including de-carburising(de-coke). I can deal with all those little accidents such as cracked cases, cross threaded spark plugs, broken studs and stripped threads, so don’t get stressed just pick up the phone and let me take care of it. Whatever it is that your generator requires, I have the experience, skills, equipment and parts to bring it to tip top condition.

Honda ex650 gif